Celebrity Solstice Cruise


So I finally got around to posting some of the photos from our cruise in the Caribbean.  Yeah, I can take a while if it’s not urgent.

We stayed on Deck 10, which I think is the ideal deck… it’s just below the level which hears all the news & going-on’s at the pool deck (so it’s nice and quiet) and made the atrium views awesome.

Let me say, if you’ve never been on a cruise, I’d *highly* recommend it — just don’t do Carnival (in my opinion).  And especially do the Eastern Caribbean cruises (we didn’t make it to St. Croix though dammit)

The food was outstanding.  The service impeccable.  And the people were…Interesting (mostly very cool though).

I just wanted to share two HDRs and just a sampling of some of the others pictures.   If you know me, I’ll take hundreds per day and this was 7 days long (I think my total count was over a 1000 photos for the whole trip).

The HDR photos



The Normal shots