The top 40 Bucket List places


Just Something Magazine compiled their list of the top 40 bucket list places, and the photos that show you WHY you should visit these places once in your lifetime.

It’s a phenomenal 2-part collection (20 places each post) that truly showcase just how beautiful our world can be.

These photos were taken by several different photographers & photojournalists, each one with their own distinct styles and tastes, but will collectively leave you breathless in their variety, color, and detail that we can take for granted all around us.

Time to start planning road trips…

Here’s the first link:

And the Second:

Photo credits: James Marvin Phelps | Rob Inh00d| Jo@net, Goianobe, CX15, MarcelGermain, Maggie & David, iujaz, aquabumps, Tati@, szeke, Francisco Diez, topgold, shchukin, Stuck in Customs|kenyai, jsmoral, Pierre Lesage, Alaskan Dude, DIVA007, ralwic, rwoan, ourfunnyplanet, nicole_denise, A tea but no e, T.P Photographie, carbonboy, paigeh, Rexton, Wolfgang Staudt, korom, mpancha, Today is a good day, Le Grand Portage, pic fix, RICCIO, sterol.andro, over-logging, Soqotra (Yemen), Feffef, Martin Sojka, Tomas Rawski | szeke | jo vh | kk+, chii :3 | Andrew Hux |, Stuck in Customs | lecercle | Captain Kimo – “Back in Florida” , A_E_P, Miriam Cardoso de Souza – ‘ VISÃO PHOTO & CINE CL | ewanr | SF Brit, emmettanderson, tychay | Christopher Chan | *~Dawn~*, bogdan. | homas Depenbusch und Marina Depenbusch-Zharova | – peperoni -, Piero… | Andres_age | rsepulveda | dirkoneill, Moyan_Brenn | Paul Fundenburg, dibaer | rachel_thecat |, modenadude | WanderingtheWorld (, Patxi64 | eduardowallenstein | F H Mira | joeri-c, thapgood | AlaskaGM | Italy Travel Experience, fabiogis50 | mikaku | Christopher Chan, mr.Alexander | Storm Crypt, Inti, Richard J… | john0philip | whertha | mke1963 | Salander, lacitadelle, Franco Caruzzo | TheCreativePenn, Knowsphotos | DaveWilsonPhotography | mlhradio | Jim Nix / Nomadic Pursuits |Soul_Smiling