Marco Island Beach Getaway

Recently, my wife and I needed a getaway. Badly.

We wanted to spend a one-day vacation with each other, to relax, unwind, and just something to remember why we work our tails off day in and day out, week after week. So we decided to spend the day over in Marco Island, on Florida’s West coast. And by saying “We” I mean, my wife did all the work of finding the place and booking the reservation (hey, she controls the money so there’s some responsibility here, right?)

“We” booked the reservation at the Marco Beach Ocean Resort. Didn’t really know anything about it but thought “What the hell”.

Wow, what a good choice “we” made together (see what I did there?). The place was beautiful and the staff very friendly.

We also ate at the resort’s on-site restaurant “Sale e Pepe”, which also happened to be one of the best restaurants in Marco (the food was truly outstanding).

I’ve posted some of the pictures below, and to be honest, it’s a rather odd sampling since every time I had the camera in hand I got, “I thought you were gonna relax?” And so, in no particular order, here are the pics. Enjoy!