What the heck is Astrophotography?

So, if you’re like me, you may have seen some really good Night time pictures recently with the Milky Way and stars, and thought, “Wow, that’s some really nice work”.

And, like me, you probably thought, that’s some pretty good Photoshop skills too.

Well, you might be shocked to learn, like me, it’s not all Photoshop;   It’s Astrophotography.   And it’s never been easier to do this yourself, than right now.

I looked up a couple different resources I use, to learn about this, and was able to quickly find there is some information and tutorials out there which aren’t bad, but BY FAR, the very best write up on how to do this can be found on LONELY SPECK here: http://www.lonelyspeck.com/how-to-make-an-amazing-photo-of-the-milky-way-galaxy/

LONELY SPECK is a site dedicated to Astrophotography, with tips, tutorials, reviews, and examples to reference.  As Ian Norman, the founder, says, you will find:

[his] best effort to impart my own knowledge of photography to you. I pride myself more on the images that my students have created than my own and I hope that you will find as much satisfaction using the tools here as I have had creating them.

Their page does a nice job of detailing all the equipment used, what your camera settings should be, the types of locations you should shoot from, applications to find the stars, and even a “Astrophoto Guide” you can download, along with a Milky Way Exposure Calculator.

And he also offers several personal examples, at various stages, to walk you through on how to do the photo editing to get the best results.  And they’re really really good.

This is one of his examples [let me be clear, this is definitely NOT MINE!! but its absolutely stunning and on the link listed above]


In my opinion, it is *THE* defining reference guide for this type of photography and very well put together.

So if you’d like to take a try at this yourself, look it up, it’s gonna help.

Hats off and Kudos for this, I’ll be using (and learning from) this myself.  I’ll post any pictures I take as an update to this, but I seriously doubt they’ll be as good as his.


[Photos and credit to Ian Norman at LONELYSPECK.com]