Happy Holiday from All of Us

To all our friends and family, near and far, may the good times and treasures of the present become the golden memories of tomorrow. To those no longer with us, know that you are forever present in our hearts.   … [Read more...]

Marco Island Beach Getaway

Recently, my wife and I needed a getaway. Badly. We wanted to spend a one-day vacation with each other, to relax, unwind, and just something to remember why we work our tails off day in and day out, week after week. So we decided to spend the day over in Marco Island, on Florida’s West coast. And … [Read more...]

The top 40 Bucket List places

Just Something Magazine compiled their list of the top 40 bucket list places, and the photos that show you WHY you should visit these places once in your lifetime. It's a phenomenal 2-part collection (20 places each post) that truly showcase just how beautiful our world can be. These photos … [Read more...]

30 abandoned places that look truly beautiful

I'm reposting this here to forward you to the site.   It's 30 absolutely breathtaking pictures of places and structures around the world where no one lives, but take your breath away when seeing them. Some places, such as Angkor Wat, are World Heritage sites, and have become tourist … [Read more...]